No!  While and other video platforms are popular ways to showcase your podcast, they are not the only way. You can publish just audio podcasts.

No, we are much more than Podcasting.  Our studio is suitable for webinar recordings, Zoom or other forms of virtual meetings, voice over recordings, video editing, post production and interviews.

Yes, it's your content.  Everything is turned over to you (once paid in full of course!) and you have complete ownership of all work performed in our studio during your rental time. 

Though Package II and III look similar, Package III includes 120 minutes as opposed to 90 minutes with the option to have call-in guests with your Podcast. 

Package IV is a full production package.  You create the content and we do everything else. It's the preferred package for businesses who are looking to simply create their content and utilize a team of professionals to edit it, brand it and distribute it to the public. It's the perfect all in one solution!

It's super simple!  Click on our Plans page and select a Package. Once you do so, you will be directed to a calendar where you can book your time after payment has been made.

Cancellation must be made 4 hours prior to scheduled event to receive full refund.  If cancelled within 4 hours, although no refund is given, you can reschedule for another date/time.